Security FAQ

Updated March 1, 2021

Where is UVTCA information and data being stored and accessed?

All our information is stored in secure databases hosted on the AWS cloud platform. They run on the same highly reliable infrastructure used by other Amazon Web Services.

Although the databases are currently housed within the US, the database servers are not accessible outside our AWS security network. Access to the databases is only made available to our application servers hosted within the same AWS secured network and to a very limited number of technical employees for support purposes.

How is data secured in transit?

All data is secured in transit via TLS 1.2 over internal and external networks when SSL is enabled.

Where are the Data servers hosted?

Our servers are hosted in the eastern USA, through Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Does UVTCA have an incident management program to identify, monitor, resolve, and document security incidents?

Yes. UVTCA has partnered with Thinkific Support and Engineering teams who are trained to report, review and monitor any possible incidents in the platform. Automated monitoring is also in place to ensure availability and performance of the service through:

  • Load balanced application servers
  • Near real-time application performance and availability monitoring

Does UVTCA sell or share data with any third-party companies?

No, UVTCA does not sell, distribute, share, or otherwise provide any of our collected data with any third-party companies.

Does UVTCA have an Erasure Request Policy in place?

Yes, UVTCA follows the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines and provides an easy method to request data deletion. 

Deletion of Account Data (Minors): In the event that a request has been made to delete an account associated with a minor (child under the age of 18), UVTCA requires that the instructor or the parent/legal guardian complete our online form to permanently delete the account and all data contained therein. Requests can be emailed to with the words Account Deletion included in the subject of the email. UVTCA requires that all deletion requests pertaining to minors are verified with a secondary verification email to the instructor of that student in order to avoid fraudulent requests. Once the request has been verified and accepted, the account and all data will be deleted within sixty (60) days.

Deletion of Account Data (18 and up): Individual learners may request the deletion of their account and all data contained therein, by sending an email to  and including the words Account Deletion in the subject of the email. Once this request is received, our support team will verify the account information and send a final email to confirm this deletion. Once confirmation is received, the account and all data associated with that account will be deleted within sixty (60) days. 

Important: Please note that once a deletion request has been submitted, verified, and then completed, there will be no possible way to recover any of the data or information for future use. Please make sure that you do not need any of your data prior to submitting your request.